Compositions, therapeutic podcasts & personal sessions

Written and created by Margaret Dahlberg.


Margaret Dahlberg’s company, Guided Harmonies, has created instrumental music for theatre, television, therapeutic sessions and more.

Music & Therapy

…because you deserve to feel better!

Podcasts and personal sessions designed to meet your needs.

Music and words to soothe you, providing you with a therapeutic experience. Margaret’s words guide you while the vibrations of the music stimulate different parts of your body. This allows you to feel more of a connection between your conscious mind and the unconscious workings of your body. You may find my pieces in podcast format, video format, and track format.

Book a Personal Session

Coaching sessions where your words and feelings are reflected with music in a private and supportive session.

As we talk about where you are in your life, I will provide a musical soundtrack to help you explore your thoughts and feelings in your own safe space (sessions are done over the phone). I use my extensive coaching training to guide you to focus on whatever you need to talk about. The music creates a clear internal connection to your emotions and helps you process through them quickly with a strong sense of clarity. I combine the science behind how feelings are represented through music with my piano skills to create this unique offering. The cost varies, depending on the offering. I also create an opportunity for the exchange of services.

The process itself is simple – I laid down on my bed with my phone on speaker and we began a conversation about my current state of mind and what was going on with me right then. I could hear the music but didn’t exactly focus on it while we were speaking. I was aware of how it reflected our conversation. There was a lot of give and take – alternating between my speaking and listening to (Margaret’s) voice and the music especially during pauses in speaking. The music was evocative and expressive. It seemed to flow directly from my mind to (Margaret’s) and through (her) fingers. The connection even though we were remote, was quite strong. The music varied from calm to intense depending what we were saying. It went in unexpected directions, for both of us, I think. After the most intense part, the resolution came fairly quickly.

– a client describing their personal session

Reach Out

If you’d like to learn more about discovering your personal soundtrack, reach out to Margaret by filling out the form below.


    To bring music and healing into everyone’s lives, no matter what their price point is. I want to introduce you to your personal soundtrack that will help you with your challenges: your stress, your anxiety, your fear or your grief.


    Everyone deserves to feel better, no matter how much time or money they have. I want to support people in this world to find the strongest sense of peace and harmony with their mental health that they can. Everyone has a unique soundtrack and I will help them find it.